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Giving links for our Waves of Hope and Humanitarian Aid work. Thank you for your generosity.


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Lyuba's Story

Lyuba Doroshenko was born in 1955. She grew up, had two sons and worked in a small village in the Donetsk region. A few years ago, she lost one of her sons, and unfortunately she does not see her other son very often. When the war started, Lyuba chose to remain on her land even while it was under occupation. The Russian soldiers forced her, along with other villagers, to evacuate to Russia and annexed Crimea. Lyuba was taken to Crimea against her will, but soon after that, she managed to come back home.


When she arrived in the now liberated village, she was shocked to find it devastated and completely ruined. Her house, the barn, and everything she had before was gone. Gone! All except for a small cold cellar that she turned into her new home. When we saw the conditions in which she was living, it seemed impossible to understand why she would continue to stay. But it all made sense once we heard her story.


Lyuba grew up in an orphanage and this was the first and only home that had ever belonged to her. This was the place that she created a family that she had longed for growing up in orphan. I'm sure if you would meet Lyuba, you would be impressed by her hardworking hands, her generous heart, and her deep kindness. How is someone who has nothing still able to give to others so much?


We were honored to be able to build Lyuba a modular house in 2023, which is truly a home of hope for her. This past winter she lived in that warm house and she is praying to God every day for victory and the end of this war. She happily opens the doors of her new home to every visitor, volunteer, an friend. As she shares her new home with tears in her eyes, she is sharing hope with others. Thank you for touching Lyuba's life with hope from God. Because hope requires us all.

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