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Sacrifice 1 Day of your Salary for Ukraine

JUNE 2-2024

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June 2 will be 830 Days that Ukrainians have lived in a country at war.


A war they did not ask for. They are having to sacrifice everything to preserve freedom for themselves and their children.

Could you sacrifice just ONE DAY'S WORTH OF YOUR SALARY to bring hope?

All donations will be used to help build homes for Ukrainians who have lost theirs due to war. 

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SUNDAY | JUNE 2 | 2024 
One Day For Ukraine


  1. We choose a region in Ukraine that has been liberated.

  2. We work with local authorities to identify the people in the most need of a home.

  3. We bring in 15 teams of volunteers.

  4. Each team builds 2 homes during the Waves of Hope week.

  5. No building experience necessary.

  6. We also bring in a few extra teams to run a kids camp in the village and pray with families and share the gospel.

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Хвилі Надії

Ми шукаємо волонтерів, які допомагатимуть відновлювати зруйноване житло, організовувати дитячі табори, проповідувати у форматі «від дверей до дверей» та роздавати гуманітарну допомогу.

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Valya and Volodymyr spent a whole year living in the trailer next to their destroyed house. Russian troops hit it three times. Once with an air missile and twice with artillery. Everything that they had was destroyed, their rabbit house, chicken house and their personal home.

Valya wasn’t there when everything happened but Volodymyr was. He was sleeping in his bed when the house was hit. He doesn’t remember how he escaped, but he is alive. After Ukrainian Military pushed the Russian troops from Chernihiv region Valya came back and they spend whole winter together in a trailer with bullet holes instead of windows and plastic as the only barrier to the elements.

Everyday as we were building, Valya and Volodymyr came out to ask if we need any help or to say thank you. She cried over and over. Crying because she couldn’t believe that she will be living in the house that she can call her own, her home.