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YWAM Kyiv is focused on Kyiv, Ukraine and Eurasia. We DEVOTE ourselves to preaching the gospel, we CULTIVATE empowered and missions minded Christ followers and we RENEW the lives of the broken.

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Current Base Leaders - Since 2010

Kyle (American) and Anya (Ukrainian) Schlegel


Current Leadership Team

Our 6 Values

1. We are a community of people that seeks God in prayer.

We want to move in partnership with God. Everything we do starts with seeking God’s will in prayer, we cover with prayers each other, the people to whom we minister, and all of our projects.

2. We are a community of transformational and interconnected ministries and schools.

God has empowered each one of us with unique giftings and callings. We believe that by enriching each other we can achieve more and be more effective in our ministries. We do not work alone or only in our sphere. We believe that only together can we fulfill the Great Commission.

3. We are a community committed to having Christ like character.

We want to reflect the joyful light of Jesus. We want to be hardworking, honest, humble, generous, and compassionate in everything we do.


4. We are a community who love and celebrate each other.

Every one of us has ups and downs in life. We support each other in our weaknesses and we celebrate each other’s achievements. It is love among us that shows the world that we are His true followers.


5. We are a community with a servant heart for Ukraine.


We serve in Ukraine, therefore we want to understand, respect, value and love Ukrainian culture and its people.


6. We are a community committed to developing each other and ourselves.

We want to be effective in our ministry and understand God’s calling. We want to be adventurous, global minded, up-to-date, diverse in our perspectives, strong in God’s Word, and always put in effort to grow.  

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