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Join a community eager to learn and grow in God and with each other. YWAM Kyiv offers a place for youth and the young at heart to serve Jesus with their giftings in many different areas.

We ask for a 2 year commitment to join our staff team. * Due to the war we only ask for 1 year at this present time.


During 2022, due to the war, we moved from a functioning YWAM ministry campus to a volunteer response movement. As of January 2023, we reopened YWAM Kyiv, shifting back to a YWAM Kyiv community. The leadership team in Kyiv continues to give leadership and guidance.


We still have the same vision: YWAM Kyiv will focus on Kyiv, Ukraine and Eurasia. We devote ourselves to preaching the gospel, we cultivate empowered and missions-minded Christ followers, and we renew the lives of the broken.  

We have temporarily suspended our regular circles and have created new circles based on our vision, in view of the current war.


We have a circle of evangelism, a circle of training, a circle of mercy ministries.  We have asked each of our onsite staff to choose a circle and if you would like to join us on staff, we will ask you to choose one of those circles as well, but staffing will entail all three.

All YWAM staff raise their own support. Our personnel staff member will help you with understanding the minimum requirements of support a staff member will need to raise monthly.



Evangelism is the focus of this circle team. Joining this circle will include going into the villages and around Kyiv sharing the gospel of hope in Jesus. It may include praying with people, camps, and house visits especially during this time of war when people's hearts are ready to hear about a greater hope than this world. 



Throughout the war, our staff have had a great opportunity to build relationships with many churches. We want to keep cultivating those relationships with an eye on the future schools we will be running, in order to recruit more DTS students and also bring more training to churches during and after the war is finished.  



The needs around us are huge, but we can definitely help to bring hope and meet the needs of people. This circle will distribute food bags, help with building homes, visit hospitals with medicine and other acts of mercy in the name of Jesus.



  1. We are a community of people that seeks God in prayer.

  2. We are a community of transformational and interconnected ministries and schools.

  3. We are a community committed to having Christ like character.

  4. We are a community who love and celebrate each other.

  5. We are a community with a servant heart for Ukraine.

  6. We are a community committed to developing each other and ourselves.


To know God and make him known.jpg


We also have root ministries to help with the strength of our base. These are called root ministries because without these roots, the plant is not healthy.  Joining staff may mean helping in one of these areas.


  1. Administration 

  2. Communications 

  3. Teams and Volunteers

  4. Housekeeping

  5. Guest Hospitality

  6. Kitchen

  7. Transportation

  8. Maintenance and Grounds

  9. Personnel

  10. Accounting




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