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B2B is a 10-day intensive leadership training seminar designed for young leaders eager to unlock their full potential. Through a dynamic blend of interactive workshops, hands-on exercises, and mentorship opportunities, participants will discover their leadership identity and gain invaluable insights into effective leadership strategies. 

Led by an international team of experienced leaders, this program fosters personal growth, cultivates resilience, and hones essential leadership skills necessary for navigating today's rapidly evolving world. Centered on Jesus’s model of leadership, the B2B is a journey through your past and current experiences in order to develop a strategy for your God-given vision.

It is a time of learning, discovery, creativity, and community while centered around worshipping and experiencing God together.

Come and get equipped so that you can equip and lead others.



Price - 200 USD (8000 UAH)

AUGUST 7-17, 2024

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