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School of Biblical Studies


Know your Bible from cover to cover.
Genesis to Revelation. 

The Bible is God’s living Word and it has the power to radically change lives. We believe that God gave us His Word to study it for ourselves and then carry our knowledge into the nations by teaching others.


Being a student in the School of Biblical Studies means setting apart 9 months to immerse yourself in Scripture. You will study all books of the Bible according to the chronological order they were originally written in. Our goal is to understand each book in its historical context, to discover the heart of the passage, and then apply God’s timeless truth to our lives today.

Kyiv is a bridge between East and West and this is also the heart of our SBS: It is the only bilingual English-Russian Bible School of its kind.

Coming out of a time of war, we will also have a unique position to consider the Biblical framework of kingdom principles and how they relate to the world today.

You will get the opportunity to study with students from both Western and Eastern Christian traditions, bringing with them different backgrounds and opinions that together make up the rich classroom of YWAM Kyiv’s SBS.

Trip to Turkey

Walking in Paul’s footsteps

What if you could stand in the amphitheaters and walk in the old Roman streets the apostles walked as they proclaimed the Gospel on the first missionary journeys? Come with us to experience the atmosphere of the first century church! We believe learning is not limited to the classroom, so part of the SBS is a trip to Turkey where we will visit important New Testament sites. Some of the places you will see are the seven churches of Revelation, Ephesus, Colossae, Laodicea, Pergamum, Philadelphia, Smyrna, Sardis. 


We do not only want to study for our own good, but bring God’s truth out of the classroom and into the nations. After spending nine months being renewed by the Word of God, you will have the opportunity to go on a three-month outreach called Titus Project. This will help you to apply what you have learned and teach, train, and disciple other believers in Ukraine and Eurasia.




Studying the Bible in chronology helped me to discover the loving and merciful character of God in the Old Testament! Through the inductive method, I saw many things I never paid attention to and got to know God in a completely new way.

Milana, Ukrainian




Lecture Fees:

A Nations – TBD 

B Nations – TBD

C Nations – TBD

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Outreach Phase - TBD

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