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SBCW is a 3-month learning program designed to train students to see the world through God’s eyes. What better way to look at the world than through the eyes of the One who created it?

What You’ll Do

  • Students will spend three months being equipped to be more effective witnesses, to have greater impact, and to gain and refine their God-given vision(s), by examining the world as it is today, in the past, and its trajectory through the lens and standard of the Bible.

  • The learning experience is also not limited to the classroom; sites and museums are all part of the learning experience as they relate to each topic of the school. Being located in Ukraine, the YWAM Kyiv SBCW also has the unique opportunity to visit the Chernobyl and see the effects of the famed disaster firsthand. Come and see the world the way you’re meant to.

  • This coming SBCW will also focus on stewardship of creation. Students will be taught how to discern true facts from fiction regarding climate change other environmental issues. This SBCW will not only closely examine what the Bible says about stewardship of the environment, but also develop concrete action plans on how each one can take their part in caring for God’s creation.

  • The war in Ukraine has created a unique location to study the effects of war, on a nation as well as giving our students an opportunity to bring hope through a Biblical Christian worldview to Ukrainians.


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